Culture expresses our identity and links us to others

From our flagship assets to our local start-ups, from our Creative Enterprise Zone to our independent arts sector and thriving community cultural programmes, culture permeates Hammersmith & Fulham and makes us who we are.

It is what binds us together, and it plays a central role in making Hammersmith & Fulham a place where people live life to the full and feel they belong.

Culture enhances our reputation

The cultural and creative businesses in our borough are an important economic sector in themselves. They attract visitors, drive investment, and create the innovation potential to support future prosperity for all our residents.

Key developments are under way here with culture at their heart. They offer new opportunities to connect regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our Civic Campus is a game-changer creating a new destination in a revitalised Hammersmith. Olympia and Earls Court provide fantastic opportunities to build on our history as a centre of major events. We must make sure that local people benefit from this renewal.

Culture moves people

Cultural participation reduces social isolation and builds bonded communities with shared experiences reflecting common values.

It makes us stronger. Culture makes you laugh, makes you cry and, most importantly, makes you think. Culture is good for you and for the people you love, and it should be universally available in all its forms so that people live their lives to the full.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council plays an important role in shaping our place and we are committed to working hand in hand with our residents and partners to achieve our shared ambitions.

Our Arts Commission established in 2020 made recommendations which included developing a new cultural strategy, as a mechanism for working closely together to strengthen our sector, promote it effectively and make it more inclusive.

This is that strategy – a strategy for the whole borough

It will inform approaches to planning and investment, skills, public health and neighbourhood development. It is a living document developed through extensive consultation and engagement that is a genuine partnership endeavour, widely owned, jointly delivered, and resourced.

It will ensure that the contribution of culture is maximised in everything we do, and that everyone is included.