Our vision is a place where our people celebrate together and feel they belong, where visitors are wowed, and where local creativity supports innovation and drives investment, jobs and shared prosperity.

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Why we need a strategy

It will inform approaches to planning and investment, skills, public health and neighbourhood development. It is a living document developed through extensive consultation and engagement that is a genuine partnership endeavour, widely owned, jointly delivered, and resourced.

It will ensure that the contribution of culture is maximised in everything we do, and that everyone is included.

Culture expresses our identity 

Culture enhances our reputation 

Culture moves people

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Creating the strategy together

Many people told us about their experiences and emphasised the need to work together effectively to make the borough even better so that everyone can participate and benefit.

We held:

  • engagement events with a range of arts organisations, performance and musical artists
  • meetings with H&F Council – councillors and officers
  • workshops and a conference for the council and partners to work out the action plan

We also met with residents at local markets and conducted a public survey online.

Delivering the strategy

As well as being renowned for its dynamic arts and culture scene, our borough also boasts flagship parks, the riverside environment and many leisure activities that enhance our cultural offering.

From our prestigious football clubs to the world-renowned Queen’s Club the borough is also home to numerous ‘Green Flag Award’ winning parks.

While not the central focus of this strategy, these assets complement our arts, culture and heritage offer to provide an abundance of wider opportunities for relaxation and engagement, for residents and visitors alike.

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About us

Hammersmith & Fulham is a place with a distinctive character, a buzz of excitement, and a reputation as a great destination, offering London’s best mix of world-class culture, creativity and community arts reflecting our diverse heritage.

We have come together with local arts and community organisations to raise the flag for culture. We believe it has a unique ability to bring people together. We want to amplify that during the year.

We are already fortunate to have a distinctive mix of historic cultural heritage that has so well connected people in the borough to each other for so long.

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