Hammersmith & Fulham is a place with a distinctive character, a buzz of excitement, and a reputation as a great destination, offering London’s best mix of world-class culture, creativity and community arts reflecting our diverse heritage.



The Arts

Including all forms of artistic and creative expression - performing arts, visual arts, craft and media in all their contemporary and traditional forms.



Local culture

Comprising activities, events, and traditions significant to our community, cultural events and activities that are important to local people, businesses and communities.



Our heritage

Encapsulating our shared history, knowledge, and experiences as well as in our landscapes and historic buildings and places, archives, libraries and museum collections, cultural practices, local knowledge and lived experiences.



Оur creative and cultural sector

Capturing the artists, arts organisations, libraries, creative businesses and related partners engaged in supporting, developing, presenting and promoting cultural and creative activities.

Beyond culture

As well as being renowned for its dynamic arts and culture scene, our borough also boasts flagship parks, the riverside environment and many leisure activities that enhance our cultural offering.

From our prestigious football clubs to the world-renowned Queen’s Club, the borough is also home to numerous Green Flag Award parks.

While not the central focus of this strategy, these assets complement our arts, culture and heritage offer to provide an abundance of wider opportunities for relaxation and engagement, for residents and visitors alike.

This strategy supports Hammersmith & Fulham’s local priorities.

It reflects our industrial strategy, 'Economic Growth for Everyone', which puts the creative industries at the centre of our vision for a prosperous future for all. It complements our strategy for public health, links to our education priorities and helps stimulate our visitor economy.

It is mindful of national strategies affecting culture (for example Arts Council England’s ‘Let’s Create’ and the Greater London Authority’s ‘Culture Strategy for London 2019') but rooted in Hammersmith & Fulham’s own needs, strengths and opportunities.