Hammersmith & Fulham

Our plan for 2025

There is a lot going on in Hammersmith & Fulham.

We are a place with huge cultural potential. We are a vibrant borough with a diverse population, a growing innovation economy and strong cultural assets. Yet not everyone in the borough is connected to the opportunities these represent.

Some people in our community make strong cultural contributions that are not as visible. They have less impact than they could. Others feel excluded from the chances they see around them. Our cultural institutions, council representatives, residents and key stakeholders all want to see culture benefit everyone.

Where Culture Connects, our theme for the year, will show how connecting better across our communities, systems, partners and promotion creates more than the sum of its parts and gives everyone in the Borough a genuine stake in our future.

Connecting Communities

Our programme for 2025 will see local residents driving neighbourhood cultural activities that connect people in their immediate area through Connecting Communities.

It will spotlight the often-overlooked talent of artists from diverse backgrounds, including artists with disabilities (through the Joy of Liberty Festival), and artists from under-represented groups under the banner We See You. Our rich heritage will be explored to reveal points of commonality and provoke conversations about diversity so that our collective identity becomes stronger.

Connecting Talent with Opportunity

By Connecting Talent with Opportunity we will support and develop the artistic capacity of the borough to take advantage of the opportunities of the Year.

Our plan is to deliver all of this through sustainable cultural development that builds our capacity beyond 2025. We will ensure local people access the skills they need to fuel the local innovation economy, including through apprenticeships and industry-led initiatives building on the work of our Creative Enterprise Zone.

Young people are the leaders of the future and will co-produce programmes responding to their needs through our Youth Voice programme, and we will host a major youth culture summit to debate, share views and learn others.

Connecting to the World

H&F is a confident, outward-facing borough.

We can see how our success would ripple into west London, benefit the wider capital and intrigue the city’s tourist market. As a recognisable brand with well-established and ever-increasing relationships in Europe, we are uniquely placed to establish ever-stronger partnerships for cultural exchange.

We want our programme to have a truly internationalist outlook and open the door to new collaborations based on shared values and common interests, Connecting to the World.

Celebrating our Connections

2025 offers an unprecedented chance for our communities to connect emotionally through Celebrating our Connections. The sharing of Magic Moments through participation in major spectacle events creates memory for the long-term and reinforces the sense of H&F being a great place to be.

Our programme includes show-stopping happenings that will welcome all. In making these connections, we will release the awesome power of culture as a force for transforming lives in H&F.

H&F: Where Culture Connects.